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National Institute of Genetics

National Research Institute

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The National Institute of Genetics (NIG) was founded in 1949 as Japan's premier institution for genetic research. Today, NIG comprises 30 active research laboratories, covering a wide range of topics including informatics, genomics and evolutionary biology, chromosomes, gene function and phenomics, and neurobiology. The Institute consistently achieves high citation rates per paper, and as an Inter-University Research Institute, it partners with academia and industry to provide cutting-edge genetic research infrastructure in the field of life sciences. In addition, NIG functions as The Graduate University for Advanced Studies, SOKENDAI, which offers graduate-level education and research opportunities in Genetics to an international student body, with graduates hailing from over 10 different countries, with a high number of professors per student. NIG is located in Mishima City, within an hour of Tokyo by bullet train and surrounded by picturesque natural landscapes and popular tourist destinations, such as Mount Fuji, Hakone and Izu.

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