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Eikei University of Hiroshima

National University

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Eikei University of Hiroshima is a new public university established in 2021 in Hiroshima. We are a liberal arts university with single department, which is Social System Design, and all courses are offered both in English and Japanese. Our curriculum focuses on a wide range of liberal arts subjects, and interdisciplinary fields are Humanities, Social Sciences, Natural Sciences (Environmental Studies). Students can acquire hands-on skills needed to solve social problems throughout practical programs such as Project Based Learning and Experiential/practical programs, Degree Project and basic ICT/data science. 
With the rise of AI and technology, it is said that AI will replace some jobs in the near future. To respond such a future, we would like to nurture individuals who can set social questions on your own and think about what is needed to solve them. You can have opportunities to learn proactively to shape the future! 

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