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Panel Discussions

International students from the following universities will share their experiences of studying in Japan especially about programs, admission processes, scholarship opportunities and students’ life!

Participating Students


Mizanur Rahman

International University of Japan

Hi! I'm Mizan, a second year masters student at the International University of Japan, Niigata. Currently I am studying the Japan Global Development program with the  Rotary Yoneyama Memorial Foundation scholarship. Before coming to IUJ, I worked in national newspapers in Dhaka, Bangladesh. 
I'm hoping to find a job in INGO (International Non-Governmental Organization) in Japan Such as the United Nations after my graduation. I love to introduce new friends, travel and watch movies. See you all soon!

Wu Xuanxin

Osaka University

Hello! I'm Xuanxin, a first-year PhD student researching AI at Osaka University with a 3-year fellowship. 
In addition to my academic endeavors, I'm also involved in the entertainment industry here in Japan. I host an FM radio program and occasionally appear on Japanese TV shows. 
I like languages, music and boxing. 
See you soon!


Sukhbaatar Erkhee

Nagoya University

Hi everyone! I'm Erkhee, but please call me Eri. I'm a second-year student studying law at Nagoya University, receiving the G30 scholarship for the duration of my study. Despite English being my third language, and Japanese being fourth, I believe studying in the G30 program opens a lot of opportunities for me!  Excited to see you soon!

Julian Mondano

Chukyo University

Hey there! I'm a third-year undergraduate student at Chukyo University, with a major in Global Liberal Studies. Originally from the Philippines, I have a deep passion for understanding diverse cultures and love being part of multicultural environments. It's worth mentioning that Japanese is my fourth language, which I believe is a testament to my commitment to honing my linguistic skills. I'm always eager to participate in community volunteering programs, whether it's back home in the Philippines or here in Japan. I'm a confident go-getter who loves meeting new people and making friends.


Wang Shiyi

Osaka University

Hello! I'm Mimi, a 3rd year student studying human sciences at Osaka University. I was raised in the Marshall Islands and attended an American school, so English was my first language. I am looking to get my master's after graduation and eventually pursue a career in education administration. My hobbies include cooking and going to the beach! Looking forward to seeing you all.


Sajedah Yousef

Nagaoka University of Technology

Hi! My name is Sajedah Yousef, I am currently a second year master's student majoring in Nuclear Technology at Nagaoka University of Technology in Niigata prefecture, my mother tongue is Arabic as I am originally from Palestine but I have the Jordanian Nationality although I have lived in the United Arab Emirates my whole life, pretty complicated right ><     

I really like Japanese language and love to read manga, my favorite is One Piece. I am excited to see you all soon!!

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