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Hiroshima University

National University

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Hiroshima University has a very unique history for more than 150 years in Hiroshima. We have been challenging and developing every and each year to fulfill its roles as a national university with these 12 schools and 4 graduate schools at 3 campuses.

As of 2022, 10,603 students study at Hiroshima University as well as 4,345 Graduate Students. We have 1,847 international students from 87 Countries/Regions.

Hiroshima University has been selected one of the 13 top global universities in Japan since 2014 and famous as one of the top research universities in Japan.


On February 17, we will make a presentation on overall programs at our schools and graduate schools.

On February 18, we will focus our presentation on BA programs of the department of Integrated Global Studies (IGS) whose classes are taught in English.

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