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Kyoritsu Women's University / Kyoritsu Women's Junior College

Private University

Since 1886, the founding principle of Kyoritsu Women’s Educational Institution, “to improve women’s position in society by promoting self-reliance,” has flourished. Kyoritsu Women's University consists of six faculties: Home Economics, Arts and Letters, International Studies, Nursing, Business Studies, and Architecture and Design. Kyoritsu Women's Junior College consists of two departments: Science of Living and Language and Literature. We have about five thousand at the university and about five hundred at the junior college.


Although our urban campus area is limited, we have active faculty members who cover broad academic fields in the natural sciences, social sciences, and the humanities.


Our campus is situated in the center of Tokyo, just between the Imperial Palace and the world-famous secondhand bookstore town of Jimbocho, a few minutes walk from each. It is an invigorating place to study and to reflect on Japan and the world, ancient and modern.

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