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Tokyo Institute of Technology

National University

Tokyo Tech is the top national university specializing in science and technology in Japan with a history spanning 142 years. The institute provides 6 Schools and 19 Departments, and approximately 10,000 students are engaging in their activities at our three campuses - two in Tokyo, and one in adjacent Yokohama. 

We have degree programs taught in English at graduate levels - the International Graduate Programs (IGP) cater to those hoping to pursue more advanced science or engineering degrees in Japan. Our undergraduate program is mostly taught in Japanese, with the exception of the Global Scientists and Engineers Program (GSEP), a transdisciplinary Bachelor of Engineering program taught in English.

Another unique feature of Tokyo Tech is its understanding and emphasis on the importance of the Liberal Arts. The undergraduates and graduate students alike can take courses that will enable them to learn proactively, develop themselves, and grow together with fellow students. 

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