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Waseda University

Private University

Statue of Shigenobu Okuma and Okuma Auditorium080527新緑のキャンパス (116).JPG

In today’s increasingly global society, people are expected to contribute widely to Japan and the world, and to act as leaders for the next generation. Waseda University has produced many great thinkers throughout its proud history. Now the university is focusing on developing global leaders.
With your eyes to the world, it is you, the incoming class, who will build the new traditions of Waseda.

[Schools with English Programs (Undergraduate Courses)]

  • School of Political Science and Economics (Bachelor of Arts in Political Science/Economics/Global Political Economy)

  • School of Social Sciences (Bachelor of Arts in Social Sciences)

  • School of International Liberal Studies (Bachelor of Arts in International Liberal Studies)

  • School of Fundamental Science and Engineering (Bachelor of Science/Engineering)

  • School of Creative Science and Engineering (Bachelor of Engineering)

  • School of Culture, Media and Society (Bachelor of Arts in Literature)

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