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Yokohama National University

National University


Yokohama is Asia’s Gateway to the World. Ever since the port of Yokohama was opened in the 19th century, Yokohama has been a unique crossroad where West meets East. It is not too much to say that the modernization and internationalization of Japan started from Yokohama. Today, as Japan’s second largest city, Yokohama is recognized as one of the most exciting cities for its cultural, socio-economic, and infrastructural dynamism.

The practical learning pursued at YNU's 5 colleges and 6 graduate schools is based on the deep-rooted history and tradition of Yokohama as a thriving city of trade, commerce, and industry. Fully exploiting the flexibility and adaptability of a mid-sized university of around 10,000 students, YNU carries on the advanced and practical scholarship to cultivate globally competitive talents within a single leafy campus in the metropolitan area.

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